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The Year 2013 has just ended , time sports record is looming behind us and now the 2014 season.

Latest statistics for the curious :
886H for 52 weeks or 17H / week
455km performed Swimming
11747km bike
2988km running

2014 , the photo says it all: research qualification for Hawaii , but Hawaii 2015.
So we go for a 2-year program .
This will allow me not to think too much on the future , stay staring at the wish to qualify and especially finish well included.

Now my world is a little more be restricted :
Firefighter-Triathlon , Triathlon-Firefighter,
conversations will be very interesting for people not gravitating in these different universes.

In January, 2stages (4 days each), to put myself in the pace, then a week of assimilation and we will renew it with the regularity like a metronome.

All this is only possible with the agreement of the entire family and I have , I confess , make some concessions ( James Blunt concert in April , four days in Morocco without bike ... )

I know my luck and enjoy it at its fair value . I envy, time and health.

Health, let's talk about health! !

Big thought for my Uncle Bernard is currently fighting against the disease.
Why talk about it here ?
Simply because it gave me my first bike "sport" ,there almost 20 years and has allowed me to make my first duathlon , my first 100km in bicycle ... everything that today I am there on the sport .

He's a fighter , I trust and I look forward to the possibility of a bike ride with him.

A new year begins
At midnight, no change.
So far so good ;-)

I wish you a Happy New Year 2014 , full of hope, in this complicated period .
"Pain is temporary, quiting lasts forever" Lance Armstrong



Return on an announced failure

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SaintéLyon (75km night running race) ended , for me , in a warm car, 25 km from the finish.
The desire was not there and that, even if I wanted to believe.

First lesson: when making a calendar of events of the season , we do not engage in a race like that, while in the head, you're on vacation . Even if you feel the desire to fight , it is better to stay on a good note as a failure.

Second lesson: a little lack of humility. This is a race I 've always finished in the top 10 , so basically I thought , despite poor preparation , I will finish in 20. But when I was told 40, the slap is such that the mind picks up and you find yourself wandering on the roadside to cogitate on how to reach the finish line , but by car.

I have no excuse, I got the flower rifle , I took a slap and I do not do it again .

The advantage is that I take my training triathlon, and sooner than expected , despite a small shoulder pain , after a few falls ( running on the ice, night, do not improvise ) during this long night .

No regrets , just the feeling of having wasted my time and having lost the other .

The return was less triumphant than expected ...
Just a matter of ego ;-)



Saintelyon and more

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We are a few hours before the start of the SaintéLyon race (75km. Race I did not run since 2 years ago. In 2010, we suffered from the snow and cold, with some falls, for my part, on plates of ice.
Conditions in 2013 appear to be slightly more favorable. But we are reassured temperatures will be still below 0 ° C and some snowdrifts remain on ways.

My preparation is not optimal due to lack of time and general fatigue , but the motivation is there. I am fortunate to be healthy and able to run for those who have not , in the colors of the A.S.S.E. Coeur Vert Association.

Another topic: I had the chance to go to Algeria , a few days to educate Algerian officers Civil Security , as part of a trade agreement between our two countries. A week in mid-November , where the sport could not take up all my time.

Some sessions Running to maintain fitness and especially to the necessary break to recharge the batteries mentally.
It is in these moments that I realize that I'm getting older.

During my stay , we were received by the Ambassador of France , serving in Algeria , in his residence. An awesome moment when you become aware that you do not find you in your place, you're very small , due to the protocol, but also historically impressive : General De Gaulle stayed there during the Second World War.

By against big disappointment , no Ferrero Roche d'Or is a legend, like Santa Claus (private joke).

About Christmas , it happened earlier at home. My new bike has arrived, thanks to the support of Thierry , a salesman at the dealership THOLLOT , who negotiated me a contract. For the 2014 season, I will ride on Orbea Ordu, the world's fastest Ironman bike . However, Orbea does not provide the legs with the bike and there is the rub ! I spend a Compact crankset to 53/39 . It will take work bodybuilding.

Good news never comes alone , I'll be fed by GO2 SPORTnutrition ( thank you Cecilia , head of product GO2 !) . On the Home page , you are entitled to your small discount through the Coupon Code on their website.
I started to test their products on the Challenge Barcelona in search of a Milk Shake before effective stroke . Satisfied , we will work together next year and I would report product testing .

I'm talking about 2014 , but what am I going to do in 2014?
Main lines :
- APRIL 13: Triathlon Cannes
- May 10: Ironcat Ampolla ( 3,8-180-42 )
- June 1 : Iron Médoc (same)
Then a few days break . In July departure for Spain , to prepare the return , which will pass through Vichy ( Half) in late August, to seek qualification on the 2015 Ironman Worldchampionship Hawaii,through the new Ironman in Palma de Mallorca, September 27 .

No big changes in my preparation , dice January , I will go a few days in the "Gard" , to train, alone.
Very simple program :
7H , sunrise to be in water at 8am and 11am for lunch then bike (3-5H), to finish, I will jump in my running shoes (1-2H), shower, meals and sleep.
Hop , same the next day. What a lovely dream !

Back on topic .
Tomorrow, 0:00 departure from Saint- Etienne to Lyon, 75km in the cold and the night among 6,000 competitors.

Thank you to my wife who share my life , my projects, for 25 years and will spend another night in the car , with a thermos of tea and a quilt , hoping that I get over the finish line.

" Cuddles and Hugs in the eye " as said Bernard Lenoir ( but is B. LENOIR ?)(another private joke)
What a funny boy !!!



Barcelone and more ...

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Latest news : the 2013 triathlon season is over, it starts in 2014.
My last contact on this blog recounting my race Vichy. After some discussion with the family and coach , I decided to join the Challenge Barcelona.
In spirit, I wanted especially hoping to race in a linear feeling in the three sports.
Finish the season on a high note and stop these results sawtooth .

One month, between the two tests, to train for the race . It was long and hard, mentally.
Long as the phenomenon of overcompensation is over and hard as summer drew to a close . Get motivated to go to train was complicated.
The balance is good because I stay below 9:30 ( 9h26'26 ) with a 3:08 marathon ...
Big mental satisfaction because I wanted to finish this year on a positive note before preparing 2014.
After the race, we stayed for 3 days to enjoy the sun and the beach . Period of reflection about the next year of follow-up , in terms of training, but also the schedules.

Things fall into place slowly , I refine these projects to align my desires, my budget , because this has a cost ! !
As soon as everything is set up , I will post my competition schedule .

However, to finish the year in style , I am on the SaintéLyon, in december (75km trail with a night start) and participate for the Association " ASSE- Green Heart " charitable organization .
And therefore recovery of a training cycle since Monday, with motivation, despite the worsening weather .

Some changes to note for next season : I stop my collaboration with Patrick BRINGER , fruitful collaboration since the objectives have been achieved. We will see in the future if I have learned the lessons and I acquired the maturity to manage my training alone ;-)



Finally some news ! !

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Here is a compelling narrative of triathlon Vichy support European Championships ETU Long Distance ( 3,8-180-42 )FRANCE .

Arrived at the site on Friday , at the end of the day, I get my Bib and I escaped. We can say that , not to let it settle stress. Despite years of practice, when I see all these athletes ready shaved and sharpened as razor blades , I always wonder if I have not made ​​a mistake in signing me .
So I ran away and joined the apartment, lent by a friend , Maxime , whom I thank .

After a good night , I turn to face my demons on the race site with a training swimming. I found Christophe , a new triathlete , who in his first triathlon chose an Ironman distance , only that !

Small bike tour , latest tips and then we'll drop the bags , guided by volunteers available and courteous.

Sunday race day
I 'll spare you the details, such as " I was well and less well, but I managed , and could have done better next time ... " well drunk stuff.
31th/627 finishers
Amateur 17th
2nd AG(40 - 44 years old ) and then Vice-European Champion ( nothing to say, slap it , but that does not change the face of the world and yet least my daily )
Swimming: 1:07 to swim alone behind a group too strong for me
Bike : 4:56 , head to the grindstone . In this regard, the volcanoes of Auvergne, you do not see them. No time .
CAP : 3:20 , could do better !

Monday: ceremony
As we are always at the top, organizational point of view and that is trust , Muriel had not been a day off, then back on Sunday evening at home and hop, towards Vichy, on Monday morning, Valentine, my daughter (13 years ) and most importantly, my official photographer.

Podium , medal, paella and chocolat cake, coffee ... supermarket shopping, washing machine, storing sports bags.
No time to take the big head.

Debriefing with coach Patrick BRINGER, a reference!! , not made , but I know what he will say to me , basically , " swimming improved, good bike and solid marathon ... "

For more:
October 06 : Natureman ( Half) or Challenge Barcelona (Full Distance ) ? ?

PS : Christopher young triathlete , finished in 12:05 for his first long-distance , with a smile , knowing that he swam the Crawl, a year ago , the Running was not too his thing.
His times : 1h49 - 5:40 - 4:26
Him, he made ​​me dream ! !

Great race , an organization at the top , either with volunteers, but also in the management of post- race ( buffet , massage).


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