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The Year 2013 has just ended , time sports record is looming behind us and now the 2014 season.

Latest statistics for the curious :
886H for 52 weeks or 17H / week
455km performed Swimming
11747km bike
2988km running

2014 , the photo says it all: research qualification for Hawaii , but Hawaii 2015.
So we go for a 2-year program .
This will allow me not to think too much on the future , stay staring at the wish to qualify and especially finish well included.

Now my world is a little more be restricted :
Firefighter-Triathlon , Triathlon-Firefighter,
conversations will be very interesting for people not gravitating in these different universes.

In January, 2stages (4 days each), to put myself in the pace, then a week of assimilation and we will renew it with the regularity like a metronome.

All this is only possible with the agreement of the entire family and I have , I confess , make some concessions ( James Blunt concert in April , four days in Morocco without bike ... )

I know my luck and enjoy it at its fair value . I envy, time and health.

Health, let's talk about health! !

Big thought for my Uncle Bernard is currently fighting against the disease.
Why talk about it here ?
Simply because it gave me my first bike "sport" ,there almost 20 years and has allowed me to make my first duathlon , my first 100km in bicycle ... everything that today I am there on the sport .

He's a fighter , I trust and I look forward to the possibility of a bike ride with him.

A new year begins
At midnight, no change.
So far so good ;-)

I wish you a Happy New Year 2014 , full of hope, in this complicated period .
"Pain is temporary, quiting lasts forever" Lance Armstrong


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