A Meeting

The desire to qualify for the World Championships in Hawaii has been reinforced by my encounter with Antoine GARCIA (Vineis Company).
Family friend BASSON (NOVARESSORT Company), he introduced me to it to integrate NOVARESSORT Team, looking for 10 runners, especially during a 24H race. Since I continue to train with them.

When I told them about my project, they assured me they would bring me financial support and I just had to get my qualification.

It was there 5 years!!

Everything finally arrived, but it had to work hard.

Since things have changed, during my return from the United States, leafing through a triathlon magazine, between two planes, I discovered TRISPORTS. Selected to be part of their TEAM, today I am proud to wear their colors.
New Communication methods for me, but referred by DEBBIE, I approach this 2013 season with enthusiasm.

Leading to a meeting in another, I work with ENDURANCE SHOP ST ETIENNE and his dynamic team, listening to the athletes demands looking good advice.

I thank all those who trust me and wants to perpetuate my partnerships