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Latest news : the 2013 triathlon season is over, it starts in 2014.
My last contact on this blog recounting my race Vichy. After some discussion with the family and coach , I decided to join the Challenge Barcelona.
In spirit, I wanted especially hoping to race in a linear feeling in the three sports.
Finish the season on a high note and stop these results sawtooth .

One month, between the two tests, to train for the race . It was long and hard, mentally.
Long as the phenomenon of overcompensation is over and hard as summer drew to a close . Get motivated to go to train was complicated.
The balance is good because I stay below 9:30 ( 9h26'26 ) with a 3:08 marathon ...
Big mental satisfaction because I wanted to finish this year on a positive note before preparing 2014.
After the race, we stayed for 3 days to enjoy the sun and the beach . Period of reflection about the next year of follow-up , in terms of training, but also the schedules.

Things fall into place slowly , I refine these projects to align my desires, my budget , because this has a cost ! !
As soon as everything is set up , I will post my competition schedule .

However, to finish the year in style , I am on the SaintéLyon, in december (75km trail with a night start) and participate for the Association " ASSE- Green Heart " charitable organization .
And therefore recovery of a training cycle since Monday, with motivation, despite the worsening weather .

Some changes to note for next season : I stop my collaboration with Patrick BRINGER , fruitful collaboration since the objectives have been achieved. We will see in the future if I have learned the lessons and I acquired the maturity to manage my training alone ;-)


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